July 28, 2017

Which Departments are Most Actively Engaged in Enterprise 2.0

October 31, 2011 Jacob Morgan

A few weeks ago Chess Media Group released a no-cost research report we put together on the “State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration.”  The report was put together from survey responses of 234 executives, decision makers, and practitioners at companies around the world who are implementing emergent collaboration solutions at their […]

Don’t Be Afraid Of Fake Reviews

October 17, 2011 Mike Moran

Last week, I talked about how you really do know what to say in social media. I got lots of nice feedback on that post, but I know that some of you are still skeptical. I know that some of you still believe that old PR maxim to never dignify […]

You DO know what to say in social media

October 3, 2011 Mike Moran

I talk to folks about social media all the time. One of the things that I notice right away is the fear. Most people are worried that they don’t know what to do in social media. They are afraid that they will make a mistake. That they will say the […]

The Most Social Industries

August 22, 2011 Jeremy Victor

Netprospex has released their 2011 Summer Social Business Report examining the use of social media by business people across the US. It’s their most comprehensive report to date, covering the most social jobs, the most social companies, Top 50 companies on Twitter, and more. The most interesting section to me […]

Do You Know Who Your Competitors Are In Search?

August 8, 2011 Lee Odden

“Who are your competitors?” asks the Online Marketing consultant to the new SEO client. “Company XYZ and 123″ says the VP of Marketing. The consultant goes to Google and does a few searches on the key solutions offered by the client’s business. Company XYZ and Company 123 are nowhere to […]

Defining the Social Business Change Agent

July 25, 2011 Michael Brito

A social business transformation requires a change in behavior. It requires employees to change the way they do their jobs and think differently. It requires business leaders to realize and adapt to the social customer, tear down organizational silos, empower teams and employees to share knowledge across job functions and […]

Global Intranet Trends 2011

July 11, 2011 Jacob Morgan

Check out Global Intranet Trends 2011 (part 1) One of the things we asked in out State of Enterprise 2.0 study (which we are releasing in a few weeks) was, “what are the business drivers of E2.0?”  In her survey around Global Intranet Trends for 2011, Jane asked a similar question […]

Thoughts from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

June 27, 2011 Jacob Morgan

I just came back from the E2.0 conference in Boston which as usual was a fantastic gathering of really great and smart people.  I arrived late Monday evening and had meetings pretty much all day on Tuesday.  I had the opportunity to attend a few sessions on Wednesday and made […]

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